Last Friday, my friend Linda invited me to a party at Robert’s house. I was really excited because I’ve had a crush on Robert for almost a year. I put on my hottest outfit for the party. Robert’s eyes nearly fell out of his head when he opened the door. I thought to myself that this might finally be the night we get to know each other. Unfortunately, it was time to go home before I had a chance to really talk to Robert alone. So I called my mom to ask her if I could spend the night at Linda’s house. She said yes and when I got off the phone, I turned around to find Robert standing right behind me. [..]


So maybe you noticed a few cuts on your friend’s arm. Or you notice that a friend always has scars. Or maybe she is always wearing long sleeved shirts, even in the warmest weather? You’ve heard about cutting, but that couldn’t be what your friend is doing… or could it?

But what are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to say? It’s not like they’re going to kill themselves… How can you speak up, help your friend without losing a friendship? [..]


To this day I can’t stand the subject of Psychology. It all stems from that one “Intro to Psychology” course I took my sophomore year in college taught by perhaps the worst professor ever. My aversion to psychology runs deep, and it has everything to do with Professor Peters, but not because he couldn’t teach.

Before I begin, I should say I’ve never told this to anyone before. I mean why would I? No one would’ve actually believed that distinguished, tenure-tracked Professor Peters tried to make me have sex with him. Besides, maybe they’d have thought that I’d asked for it or something, I mean, I attended all his office hours religiously and I did go over to his house when he offered. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, I ought to start at the beginning. [..]

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