Child Molestation
When an adult has sexual contact with a child [12 years and under].

Sexual contact between family members.

Multiple assailant rape
Raped by more than one person.

Spousal rape
Forcing a spouse to have sex.

Date rape
When victim and perpetrator are in a dating relationship.

Stranger rape
Victim and perpetrator are strangers.

Statutory rape
When someone over 18 has sex with a minor.

Acquaintance rape
Victim and perpetrator have met before the assault.

Sexual Assault is an umbrella term, meaning it is one BIG term that is made up of a bunch of other things. For example, an animal is an umbrella term made up of different types of animals (i.e. zebras, fish, dogs). Above you will find our sexual assault umbrella. In each raindrop under the umbrella is a type of sexual assault. Scroll over the different terms in the raindrops and a quick definition will appear.